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Pipeline Solutions are the largest provider of Socket Weld Fittings. We provide Socket Weld Fittings in several standards like ANSI B16.9 Fittings, ANSI B16.11 Fittings, MSS SP-75 Fittings, MSS SP-83 Fittings, MSS SP-97 Fittings etc.A SocketWeld is a pipe connection point of interest in which a pipe is embedded into a recessed territory of a Valve, fitting or flange. Rather than buttweld fittings, Socket Weld pipe fittings are for the most part utilized for little pipe widths (Small Bore Piping); by and large to pipe whose ostensible measurement is NPS 4 or smaller.

To join pipe to Valves and fittings or to different areas of pipe, filet-sort seal welds utilized. Socket weld pipe fittings development is a decent decision wherever the advantages of high spillage respectability and extraordinary basic quality are critical configuration contemplations.

Socket weld Pipe Fittings Manufacturer and Trader

Weakness resistance is lower than that in butt-welded development because of the utilization of filet welds and sudden fitting geometry, however it is still superior to that of most mechanical joining techniques.

Different sorts of fittings can be strung or attachment welded. It has various types of fittings like Socket Weld Pipe Fittings, Socket Weld Tee, Socket Weld Reducer, Socket Weld EndCap, Socket Weld Union, Socket Weld Coupling, Socket Weld Cross & Socket Weld Outlet.

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